Some of the prestigious projects completed by Mega construction are,

  1. Quarrying for IRB- Modern Road Makers Ltd. for old Mumbai-Pune National Highway.
  2. Sub-contract of Excavation of MCGM 140- MDL water supply storage tank Mumbai.
  3.  Quarrying for Valecha Engineering Ltd. for PMC  internal road project.
  4. Excavation Sub-contract of pipe line for 46-village of MJVP  Manmad – Chalisgaon water scheme  project from SMC Infrastructure ltd. Thane.
  5. Mining of D.B. Enterprises Belgaum in Goa.
  6. Power project Excavation work at Shahapur Dist. Thane of The Krishna Valley Power Pvt. Ltd.

Our  contractors are SMC Infrastructure ltd. Thane,  Valecha Engineering Mumbai,  IRB Mumbai,  IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd. Hyderabad, Unity Infrastructures Ltd. Mumbai, D.B. Enterprises Belgaum & The Krishna valley power Pvt. Ltd . Banglore.

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